Carita Hedar


Ella blev klart bättre redan efter första behandlingen med PowerCure Pro. Hon vill gå ut på morgonen, vilket inte varit möjligt tidigare. Då fick vi vänta tills dess att smärtlindringen kickat in. Så vi är väldigt förtjusta i vår laser. Vera som också varit stel och krummat lite med ryggen efter att hon legat ett tag, har fått behandling efter samma recept som Ella. Vera har också blivit bättre.

Jag är lycklig över, då jag nästan var i panik för inget hjälpte, att jag kom att tänka på att jag sett inlägg på Instagram om PowerCure Pro.

Jag unnar alla hundar och dess ägare att få möjlighet att hjälpa sin hund. Priset för en PowerCure är ju som ett akutbesök på djursjukhuset med allt vad det innebär. Att dessutom slippa ge läkemedel om det inte behövs är också värt att beakta.

/Carita Hedar, matte till Ella & Vera

Jorge A. Becerril


This handheld laser therapy device works well to relieve my hip and backbone pains in 15-20 minutes. After using it for 4 days, the pains had gone away. I do need to use it every day in the first 2 weeks and every other day afterward for maintenance. My hips and back feel 10 years younger. Since I started using this device, I no longer need to take curcumin extracts daily to relieve the joint pains. I found it most effective if I put the device directly on the skin. The red light device also helped heal the cold sore on my lips in half of the normal time (I put it about an inch away from my lips.)

Convenience: I have another larger red light therapy array for the rest of the body. But frankly, it is more convenient to use this handheld device to relieve joint pains whenever and wherever I need it. It is fairly easy to operate.

Build quality: The white plastic shell is smooth and of high quality. There is no logo or branding, though. I have dropped it on the carpet or tile floor a few times, and there was no crack or ding. Once charged, the battery lasts at least a couple of hours of use. Overall, the quality of the device is high. I only have it for about 2 months, but I expect it to last.

Clarence Pearce


I bought this based on all of the good reviews and after using it for about 3 weeks, I am very pleased. I have serious endometriosis and I use this to help with my flare ups. I put it right on my yoni to get at my pelvic floor and it works! I’ve used it on my abdomen, knees, thighs, posterior hips for SI joint pain, bug bites, sinuses during a cold, sore throat during a cold, and most recently on my arm after receiving the covid vaccine. I am a movement therapist and teacher and I am most impressed. I’ve used it on my clients as well and they too have experienced pain relief. I’m so into it that I’m going to buy a second one to keep at my studio.

Mary Ann Shoraka


We like it’s small and we can hold it handily in our hands, lightweight, good material finish, and so far it has been working without a hitch. Once charged, it provides a healing red light, we use it from minor to moderate joint and muscle pain relief. I was skeptical at first, however, sessions later I’m convinced that it helps. We are happy with the value, quality and its intended purpose.

Nick Vanderwal


I bought PowerCure for my husband because I had read that some people find relief from Post Herpetic Neuropathy by using cold laser therapy. It’s hard to say whether or not it has helped him heal, because we are trying so many therapies simultaneously (the pain from PHN is horrible), but he definitely found it soothing and loves to use it. The surprise is just how much our cats love it! It is aimed the the arm of a recliner chair, as as soon as I turn it on, they race to be the first one to stretch out under it! Come to find out, cold laser is beneficial for pets as well, and it certainly seems like they know it!

Clint Striedel


This device actually will help you mitigate your pain. It is like a small flashlight, and it really does work to help with the tingling, stiffness, and pain in my legs & back. Who knew that cold laser therapy could work? I rub it on any area that requires attention. It is handy to have. I also do have a Red light belt thing that you can wrap around your back, legs, arms, etc. (using Velcro straps), but PowerCure is great for a quick relief, esp. at night when pain keeps you up while sleeping and you don’t want to fuss with the belt/Velcro device.

Lisa Pierce


I’ve been suffering from herniated disc and poor posture. I was due for surgery in October and decided to try PowerCure after the ads popped up on my Facebook page back in Apr! Man this device is a miracle! After 2 months using the device my Herniated disc was completely cured and I got my posture back and feel brand new again! My Doctor COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! The support team is brilliant and helped me with all my questions and concerns. I highly recommend it. This device worth every penny. I cannot Thank you enough Lotuxs!!!

Noelle Pekaric


This is a very unique and amazing device. I have a very bad back. Degenerative disc disease. My mobility and range of motion is compromised and a lot of my life is spent in pain of some degree. I have spent lots of money on gadgets and creams and doctors and chiropractors and massage therapists. Anyone with a bad back knows the drill.. . PowerCure stretches my back and guides your movement with cold laser. You can relax lying on it and let the machine do the work… I am extremely impressed with this product.

Lynn Goltz


I’m a runner and one day after I finished my hour run I started feeling pain on the back of my right knee and I thought it was something that will go away with some ice hot but no lat or r on it expanded all around my knee my leg and my hip! I never take any pain killer not even Tylenol I was for three months with this horrible pain that it was worse when I was in bed at night time. I found this device by accident I don’t remember what I was looking for and I saw this I started reading the reviews so I said lets give a try I ordered I received the next day I was scare to use but the 2nd day I say let me try this I did three time the first day that night I slept better and the third day pain was gone! Im so amazed of this device I really recomend it I’m not getting any comission for the promotion I just want to help people that are suffering with chronic pain. Good luck it work for me I hope it will for you.

Cedric Kendall


I initially purchased this device when my French bulldog was having spinal pain from a herniated disc which prevented her from weight-bearing on her hind legs. I definitely would see relief in her after using this. Fast forward, she is fine now with no remaining pain. I, on the other hand, had surgery and decided to use this device to try and alleviate some of the scar from forming adhesions, and also to treat the tightness due to increased inflammation in the area. I have to say the area feels completely different after using the device! All the tissues loosen up and increases in mobility. I am so glad I was able to find another use for it. I normally do not scar well, and I must say, the scars are looking flat and healing beautifully. I definitely think this device has played a huge factor.

 Would definitely recommend.