PowerCure for minimally invasive post-surgical care

After minimally invasive surgery, patients need to pay attention to life care, observation of symptoms, which is conducive to the recovery of the body.Use Powercure to care for wounds during postoperative care. In low-level laser therapy, photon energy penetrates tissue and causes physiological changes within the tissue. It can treat inflammation, pain and edema at the same time.

Powercure Helps Tissue Repair

Laser irradiation can promote the growth of new blood vessels and granulation tissue proliferation, stimulate protein synthesis.The oxygen supply of tissue is more sufficient, the energy supply is more adequate, the more conducive to the metabolism and maturation of all kinds of tissue cells.The laser helps the patient recover more quickly and reduces overall pain. Photobiological modulation of laser therapy has also become an important part of a multimodal program to reduce pain.


Powercure lasers are painless. Laser irradiation is applied to 4-5 cm under the skin and most people feel nothing when using it!

PowerCure laser therapy is non-invasive. Just place PowerCure in the area where it needs to be irradiated, and it won’t damage the skin.

Treatment with Powercure lasers can heal faster. Laser therapy uses light to promote and speed up the body’s natural healing process.

PowerCure laser therapy works by directly targeting wounds after minimally invasive surgery. It’s not a replacement for drugs and prescription drugs. It’s meant as an aid to help patients heal better and faster, PowerCure uses the most advanced laser therapy technology and is generally a safer option. If you are hesitant, consult your rehabilitation doctor and follow his advice on treatment.