100% physical therapy with no side effects

Physiotherapy, affectionately known as “green therapy,” has been around since 1813. At that time, it was considered a luxury therapy. But today, technological innovations have made PowerCure care routine.

Due to the precise curative effect, no side effects, small size, light weight, easy to carry, easy to use, painless treatment and other characteristics, laser therapy device has been widely used in families, hospitals, nursing homes, communities and other places, has become most of the necessary exclusive phototherapists.

PowerCure laser therapy brings great benefits to the people who use it. When the laser shines on your body, the 650nm wavelength and 808nm wavelength will penetrate 2 to 3cm of your blood vessel wall and 5 to 7cm of your deep tissue, respectively. It produces a range of physiological changes such as improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, desensitization and pain, healing wounds and adjusting bodily functions.

Laser therapy equipment to charge human cells (usually called photobiological effect or photobiochemical effect), mobilize the conformational change of cell tissue and function improvement, has become the third therapy after drugs, surgery.It gives you quick, drug-free pain relief, improves circulation and physical movement, and can help you get a good night’s sleep.